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Request One Direction Imagine 

You Meet Harry!

    Today was the day you got to finally go to the one direction meet and greet. you have been counting down the days. All the way from 147 to now today was the day. You were very excited to meet all of the boys especially Harry. You rehearsed over and over in your head what you would say to him. You and your best friend got in the car on the way to the meet and greet. “Oh great there is such a long line already and their not going to be here till tonight.,” you said out loud looking at your friend. “But its worth it right?,” said your friend. “Of course it is,” you smiled. You both stood in line for hours then you heard girls screaming! They must be here you thought. your face lit up like never before, you couldn’t stop smiling at the boys as you saw them sit down and talk to the first group of people. Hours later… it was you and your friends turn. Your friend was first you watched her give each boy a handshake and got autographs she also too a picture with Zayn. You thought to yourself why cant i be that confident… you were next. You walked over to the boys all the boys made small talk with you and signed stuff. Then you came to Harry, you were speechless. Everything you rehearsed escaped your mind. “Whats your name?,” Harry asked. You look at the ground and say quietly “(Y/N),” you said. “Well nice to meet you (Y/N), I’m Harry,” said Harry. You were still quiet, you were trying to make conversation but you were getting super shy.. “Your not like most girls.. most girls freak out scream or pass out or ask to get married and your different.,” Harry said. “Oh god is that bad that i’m different.,” you asked. “No of course not.. i like it.,” he said and smiled. He watched you walk away and you kept smiling and blushing. “(Y/N) wait i forgot to ask you something.” harry said. You stopped turned around and looked over at the table. Harry got up grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and walked towards you. All the boys from the table watched him. “Well i would love to exchange numbers so i can take you outtonight.,” Harry said. You smiled and gave him your number and he folded up his number and gave it to you. He winked at you and walked back to the table. You open the piece of paper and it had Harry Styles phone number and he wrote next to it “its cute when your shy i want to take you on a date” You smiled closed your eyes and held the note close to your chest. You walked over to your best friend and told her what just happened.

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Dreams Are Just A Thing..

"Can i get everyone’s attention please?," Louis Tomlinson said. Screams from the crowd become louder and louder then die down some. "thank you..there is a special person out in the crowd tonight,"Louis said excitedly. The crowd screams i love you Louis!! "i want for that special girl to come up here on stage with me and the boys," said Louis nervously. "Louis whats her name?," Liam Payne asks. He looks at Liam and smiles. "If Charlotte is in the crowd tonight please come up here and join me on stage," Louis said loudly and brave. The lights searched for someone moving closer to the stage.. noone moved just yet. "Charlotte They just called your name," Lisa  said ecstatically. Lisa was Charlotte’s best friend. They were together through everything. Lisa was all dressed up to look like Harry Styles. She was wearing nude heels, red tight skinny jeans, and a blue blazer. Harry happened to be wearing his blue blazer tonight also. "Charlotte are you here tonight," questioned Louis. Charlotte was wearing black and gold flats, dark blue skinny jeans,and a stripped shirt with a little jacket on top.

"hold my jacket! Hold my jacket lisa," Charlotte demanded.  Charlotte threw her jacket on the ground and flats and headed for the stage. Lisa picked up Charlotte’s  jacket and flats and started cheering for her. Charlotte runs faster and faster. The crowd starts clapping and cheering! “there’s your girl lou,” Niall Horan says. Louis lifts up the microphone and says hit the music. The security guards let you through and you walk up the steps to the stage. Louis reaches out his hand for yours. You grab it and look up into his eyes. “here love, this is your seat,” louis says smiling at you. “this is your song Charlotte ,” louis says happily. Louis starts to sing his part in your favorite song while holding your hand and looking into your ice blue eyes.

                           ” I know your

                          heart’s been broken

                                but don’t you

                                     give up”

                                “ill be there 


                                    i know it,

                                   to fix you

                                  with love <3

The four boys start to sing the other lines of the song. “Charlotte will you be my girlfriend?,” louis asked. He had the cutest smile starting right at Charlotte . “of course Louis! I love you Louis,” you screamed. You awake from a deep sleep in chemistry after screaming i love you louis. Everyone in class stared at you and started laughing. “maybe you can re-think sleeping in my class in dentition,” Said Mr. Koch in an angry voice. He hands you a pink dentition slip. Really you think to yourself… that was embarrassing. class is over thank god you thought. you grab all your books and your back and walk out of class to go to lunch.

Let me know if you guys would like to read part 2!

 Also if you would like to read more stories and imagine and preferences like this check out my website

Louis Carnival

Your mom decides to sign you up to work at the city’s carnival this year. “(Y/N)  your in charge of the bouncy house,” The carnival owner told you. “Okay but isn’t there suppose to be someone here to help me?” you asked him. “Yes my nephew will be here soon.” he replied.  You got bored so you decided to go into the bounce house. “I see you like to jump,” a voice said. you turned around and saw the cutest boy ever. He had the prettiest eyes you have ever seen. “so whats your name creeper?” you asked him. “Louis and your jumper?” he asked you. “No it’s (Y/N) and its  nice to meet you,” you said shaking his hand. He smiled at you and you smiled back. “So i see there isn’t a age limit in the bounce house,” he said to you. “No its fun for everyone. Have you gone in one?”, you asked. “Yes when i was 10,” he said jokingly. “Come on, come in with me unless you don’t want to do something childish,” you said jumping. He gets in the bounce house with you and you guys start bouncing, the boss starts coming around the corner calling your guys names. You both instantly stop jumping and you fall on to of him. You say, “Oh my goodness,” and get off of him. “Its quite alright i think your cute,” and he leans in to kiss you and you both kiss twice and smile.  you think in your mind  i think he likes me!

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